Okay, my band has been tossing around ideas and intros, i finaly have time now that i'm on holiday, so i looked at all the riffs, intros and ideas we have and i put them together to create our FIRST COMPLETE SONG!!!

anyway, we have tried recording some riffs, they sound fine until we mix in the drums, the drums are recorded live, the guitars are recorded thanks to a cable connecting PC to AMP, anyway the drums have weird feedback so it makes the whole recording sound "muddy", the only way now is to get a good microphone and make a live recording, do you have any suggestios on which mic to use, what kind, maybe a brand (we can only afford 1 mic, and we are kind of on a budget)
no we also have the singer and the jeyboard/bass, we need a live recording, any tips on which mic to use?
Just one mic, for both instrumentals and vocals? Oi...no way of being patient and holding out till you can get one for each? If you did that you could always go the tried and true 57/58 route.


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edit: you WILL need more than one mic to get an even remotely decent drum sound. think 4 or more for a good sound and 6 or 7 for a really good sound.

might wanna try this in the riffs and recording section too. also remember you'll need to use some effects after recording the drums to get the right sound. for example a bit of compression on the bass drum and EQ to bring out the right range on the bass and toms. i know my friend usually starts by boosting the range that the bass,toms snare, hihats etc sit in that way it gets really pronounced and the bass percussion actually gets some bass to it. seriously, try riffs and recording and they should be able to walk you through what you need to do.
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If you are on aparticularly low budget then can you put off recording until you have maybe 3 or four tracks and then ret some studio time. If you really are set on recording, you could attempt to rent some gear for the day. Ideal would drum mics etc but if money is a problem you could try a condenser mic...........
well, we arent on SUCH a low budget, its just we havnt got much recording experience we just need 1 mic thatll record drums and vocals more or less adequate (seperatly)