My acoustic band The Tabletops has recorded a few new songs and this one's my fav. It's about stealing a car and going on a joy ride. Check it out please C4C.


P.S- The recording was done by a non-pro (me) and it is meant as a sort of demo anyway. So you don't need to comment on the quality though suggestions would be appreciated, not that the recording sounds bad because I think I did a decent job.
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I really like the intro effect on the guitar. then the lead acoustic comes in, it sounds great!

vocals sound good. I like the feel of the song alot.

When you switch up the strum pattern i think it sounds very good. The solo is very good....

the vocal melody gets old after awhile for the verse.
Thats about all i can nay-say about this song, is it is starting to sound mono-tone in the verse. the rest of the vocal lines were great!

Thanks for the crit. sweet stuff. The melody is cool and it had a kind of a Hawihee kind of feel to it. The vocals suit the song perfectly. The only thing I can suggest apart from buying better recording gear is to add some soft drums or even a shaker to keep things going. Otherwise it's a good song.
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wow i really like this man. i love all the leads. the quality of the recording is really good too. the only thing id say about that is maybe bump the vocals volume up just a little. its like the guitars are ALMOST overpowering them. great job. if i lived near you id come see you haha

crit mine please?

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When you crank up the gain to 10 and switch to the lead channel, it actually sounds like you are unjustifiably bombing an innocent foreign land.

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