OK, so I came home from work on July 2nd and took the slightly longer route so as to check out one of my fave pawns.

I've bought 2 guitars there in the past and know how to say the right thing so as to get the best deal from them.

Frankly, it doesn't take much. If you can ID a guitar on the wall by model name and take care to ask what it's "tagged at" or for the "asking price" (indicating you know they'll go lower), that's all it takes.

Anyhow, they had a white-blonde Epi Wildkat there. This is not a regular color/finish (ebony/antique natural/turqouise). Back of the headstock says "Epiphone Cutom Shop Limited Edition." Tagged at $449 US.

They immediately offered it to me for three Benjamins even, with no dickering on my part. It's a 2005, from the Unsung factory in Korea.

The gold hardware is bigtime pitted. In a couple areas the plating is entirely worn away and underneath appears as chrome/nickel. Unfortunately, no case. I let it sit there awhile because I had no cash and hoped I could get them down even further. My will finally crumbled when I got a big profit sharing last week.

I bought her for 3 bills even, even without the case. I'll probably sell my cheapie "birthday guitar" (dual-P-90'd modded Bullet Strat) I got a couple months ago to partially offset the cost, and to keep the stable from going up one net, which would risk said stable exploding due to being overfull.

My first Bigsby after all these years!

A few selling points to me personally: never had a setneck semi, love P-90's, small body size suits me (I'm 5'7").

i always thought those epi wildkats looked really cool. Nice score!
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JOKING! I would love a guitar like that, looks cool. What does the knob right at the top do?
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Looks nice; Epiphone make some great (semi-) hollowbodies.
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JOKING! I would love a guitar like that, looks cool. What does the knob right at the top do?

That's a master volume, as done on many Gretsch models. That way you can set the relative volumes of the 2 pickups with the individual volumes on the bottom, and (especially when you're playing the middle position) can turn the whole guitar's volume up or down. Something you can't do on a Les Paul type-configuration.
Man that thing is ****ing hot, im diggin it very much. good score
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