This was my first song I wrote a couple of years back. I re-recorded it today so please feel free to tell me what you think, any advice will be useful. it's called "before it's too late" also c4c

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It was put together very well in my opinion. I didn't find anything spectacular about it but it is a nice song. The only thing I didn't like was the 80's pop song feel of the song. A more dominant guitar and less keyboards would make it sound less... should I say boring. I think a good guitar part is just waiting for you to lay it down. Anyway, good song.

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Im not a fan of the effect you have on everything.

The vocals are good though, when the synth comes in it really adds alot of support to your voice.

the recording quality really isn't the best, but its understandable for a home recording.

You should turn up the guitar at the outro.
the vocals during the intense part could you some work.

Good song overall, good work!

Hey thats pretty good for a first attempt, im just getting into songwriting myself. I think you should work on the vocals a bit and turn them up so theyre clearer, but I usually have the same problem haha. I also agree with the other posts, this song needs an 80s vibe guitar solo!

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