I was going to record Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands, but decided to write 8 verses to use instead of Dylans Lyrics...so I was just looking for feedback, maybe if anyone had suggestions on cleaning up some of the metaphors, getting rid of some of the awkward parts, etc...

With your inwards eyes in the outward time
and your voice like his but your words like mine
and your needham parties and your footloose men
who could think to keep you.

With your northern songs, and your hometown bore
with your poets bread, and your writers cure
with your signpost stories, and your bubblegum quotes
how can he hope to, know you.

Sad eyed lady of the lowlands
Where the sad eyed prophet says that no man comes
C G/B F/a C/G F C/E G7
My mirrored eyes my arabian drums
Should I put them by your gate
Or sad eyed lady should I wait

With your breakdown beach, and your sinai friend
Your memories theirs, your everything his
Your bowl of oranges, your once Guy de Vere
How can I hope to take you.

With your firefly dues, your garden veil
Your dinner stories, then your pirate tales
Our hemlock jokes, our teashop grail.
How, could I think to lose you.


The fall just passed but the spring did come
Our friendship failed, something else begun.
Our weekend of hell, our weekend of bliss
Oh, how I've come to love you.

Your wandering month, his silent 50 ways
My arabic poems, with my one sided tape.
Those one day trips, my troubadour ways.
Oh, how I hoped, to win you.


Now your rubber shoes, you were running for your life
He said he despised you, at least twice!
Your gazebo mistake, you were so desperate to make
Could you really hope to fix him.

Your minds not made up, but I know it is
How could I hope for you to leave him.
But I'll ask you once, I'll ask you now
Sad eyed lady be mine.