Okay here's my problem.
I'm not crappy at the guitar it's just that I constantly make mistakes like not hitting the right notes or not picking something right. I play alot of different guitars and it's the same on all of them so it must be me.
I listen to Bands Like Slipknot and Wednesday 13, I play lessons on Youtube by Paul gilbert which I can get right if it's so slow. Theres this lesson in particular that I have played hundreds of times very slowly and I still screw it up even if I bring it up to a moderate speed. This is seriously annoying me because it makes me just wanna stop playing the guitar.
Help ???? What do I do? Thank you.
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Same thing as everyone else, metrenome and learn it at one speed perfectly. Move the beats up by about 5 and go again. Rinse and repeat for however long it takes. Reach a certain goal then move on to something else so you don't frustrate yourself.
learn something and play it slower then it actually is. then use a metronome to increase your speed. for example if a song riff you want to know is played at 150 play it at 100 until you can hit every note accurately.then increase to 120 and so on until you can paly it as fast as it is in the song. and the most important thing is PRACTICE.

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Well, without observing what you're doing it's impossible to say. However, it's
pretty clear how you're currently approaching things doesn't work. Sometimes,
that's all you know. You may not know what to look for now, but at least you've
eliminated what you're currently doing as being effective.
I'm not too good myself, but it takes time, patience is really necessary inorder to play guitar...

I know with me if something is really frustrating me unless I take a break it just gets worse. So that would be my advice, take a break, and try again.
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If you screw up when you try to speed up then you either weren't playing it well enough yet or you tried to go too fast too soon. This can be a painstakingly slow process, if you're trying to play something that's too far ahead of your current ability level it could take months to get it up to speed.
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play easier stuff that you can play perfectly first...a perfectly played easier piece always sounds better than a ****ty played hard piece. Also just keep playin till it feels natural. For awhile everything has been fairly easy to learn, and I just tried snow by rhcp and something about it is very very hard for me. Lastly, loosen up most mistakes come because of playing very tight, thinking too much, and just not playing natural...breathe while you play
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practice, practice, practice, practice, practice.
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You know, I'm probaly wrong, but I find that when I'm not playing decently, it's because I'm concentrating too much. I doubt it with you, but I just look away from the guitar and play the thing I'm trying to do, and I normally get it.

Sounds weird, but oh well.
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