Hey I've got an old Northern Electric guitar that's a Les Paul copy, I can't find anything on Northern guitars, and there's no model number to it. My father had it in high school so I know it's old enough (30 years, give or take). If anybody knows anything about it, could they let me know? Theres a picture of it on my profile, and i think its my display pic. thanks
it plays great, its solid wood and the fretboard has real smooth action. the treble channel has got a real old-school sound to it, and the rhythm channel sounds almost jazzy. apparently it used to have little maple leaf stickers on the fretboard, but someone washed em off or something like that.
It looks badass
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i don't know but it looks neat. i like your song come back by the way it's great, a little too country for my tastes, but it's still awesome.