Currently, my band are preparing for a gig about a month away and we're not really ready for it currently. We've got about another six practices to go, and in that we need write and master originals and cover songs.

Anyway, the point I'm getting to is that it seems with the band that I am constantly doing all the work. I write the lyrics and the vast majority of the music, sort out the myspace page and other various band websites, adding people, getting gigs. The fact that I write the lyrics and music isn't a problem because they do occasionally write songs and we have done them in the past.

They don't do anything really and it's getting on my nerves and stressing me out. I really want to make it big, more than anything. I'm not shy of hard work, I've done alot myspace, but surely you need to pull together to get anywhere?

Any advise?
have you tried to talk to them about it?

like ask them if they're serious etc.
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yeah man, talk to them. They probably don't even realise it's getting to you. I bet they think you like doing all of that. I've been in your situation before for these reasons. Let them know you need help.
I spoke to my bassist about it and he said the following,
"We should all definatley help out more"
"It feels like currently we're just session players".

I said to him this, and I think it's pretty true.
"Just because I write the lyrics and the music, doesn't make it less your band than it does mine".
that's some ingrated work, dude.
I had the same problems and I quit the band for some other reasons.

If they have some brain they are willing to talk to you about that stuff. If not: find other guys
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Whatever about writing things when the entire band is present or whatever but you have to be careful when it comes to PR etc on the internet. There are so many things that can be meddled with, and because four of you could do the same thing at the same time it can come off as unproffesssional.....

For your adventures on the web i would suggest:

1. Out of the entire band nominate one person and let them do all the blog writing. That way the blogs maintain a similar style of writing throughout all the posts rather then all of you haphazardly blogging and making it look bad. Also try and use RSS to link all your band sites to your main site. For example many of my bands profiles have RSS to our bbo site so that when the bebo blog is updated the exact same changes are made to these sites too. This makes the entire operation look more proffessional, organised and streamlined. It also cuts down on workload.

2. Each band member should buy a little notebook and keep it next to their computer, or else do it via email. Whichever way you do it, make sure an EXACT ecord is kept. This is for when gigs are offered online or members get in touch with production companies. Any correspondance with any production company should be recorded for future referance. This was when the time arises that you are replying to numerous companies, you dont get mixed up and the replies make sense. Also, whichever member starts correspondance with a company should maintain that correspondance so that messages always have the same feel and tone to them. Also keep a record of all companies that have been contacted because doubling up just looks unproffessional.
I definitely emphatise with the threadstarter here.

Theres always a "secretary" type guy in a band (that being me!!!)

If ur actually interested in being in a band i'd put up or shut up. U took that role on, so dont bitch about being committed!!!

It pays off dude. I swear!
Y'see, the problem with a band is that really, you need to take some sort of a course on running a band and everyone's roll within that band so that you know what you should be doing before you join a band. But what actualy happens is that someone learns to play an instrument then joins or forms a band without actualy looking into the buiness of running a band, and unfortunately, as far as I know, this bandleading section of UG forums is the nearest thing out there to a course of how to run a band.
To some, such as yourself, it's obvious what needs to be done but to most it isn't.
To those of us that this seems obvious to, more often than not it seems simpler to just do it yourself rather than explain to everyone else what they should be doing then getting them to do it then making sure they've done it correctly, and because we do this, everyone else just accepts that these are the jobs that we do and leave us to it.
Delegation is very important though. It's worth taking the time to make sure that everyone knows their roll, knows what they are doing, and are actualy doing it because that way, the band eventualy runs a whole lot more efficiently and your roll withing the band becomes a whole lot easier.
Everyone in the band should have their own particular job within the band, as well as their musical roll.
Loading and unloading of gear should be handled by the band as a whole, but maybe driving, or setting up the PA, or running the band's web site should be handled by individual members.
Getting gigs is definately a one person job though, otherwise you can end up with 'double bookings', where you've been booked to play in two places at the same time by two different members of the band. If a person who doesn't handle the bookings in the band is asked about a booking, they should direct the inquirer to the person who does handle the bookings.