I have three pedals and I do not want to buy three seperate power adapters for them. Does anyone know of a good adapter that has multiple outputs that I could use. Will this affect the amount of power is distributed to each pedal?
That Dunlop Brick one. I can't remember it's name. Or you could get a small pedal board.

Nope, it'll give them the same amount as it should.
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I see this one has 4 plug-ins, I reckon I can hook up only 3 pedals and the 4th won't short it?
1 spot with an adaptor that turns it into a daisy chain

edit: I don't know if thats what the links are for already cause I don't feel like clicking them
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get a Visual Sound One Spot w/ daisy chain for $35. thats what i have and it works great.
1 Spot

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