Early today i asked ways to learn guitar without a teacher, thanks for commenting on that now i want to know any songs you learn playing that would be fun to learn.
ANy genre would be ok except metal or jazzy stuff.

jimmy_neutron thanks i didnt know
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this is a forum for people to ask about various functions of the site. It is clearly stated that it is not a forum for guitar related questions....... you were told already in your last thread which realistically should have been closed and most likely will be......

For your own benefit i would start asking these questions over in guitar and bass basics before a mod comes and warns you.....
Green Day is quite simple. You could also learn Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams excluding the solo but even that is still simple. AC/DC songs are also fairly easy.
Smoke on the water.
Intro to Canon rock? The first 20 - 30 seconds of it probably.
Work on exercises first though.

0 - play open
1- index
2- middle
3 - ring
4 - pinky

Have fun.
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Quote by IZZYs88
I know how to read tabs just i been trying to find good songs for novice

Sorry I was assuming that you were a complete beginner. No offense meant.