I'm interested in buying the POD 2.0 from Line 6 and was wondering if I have to hook it up to a computer to use it. All I want it for is to have for the effects and such just for use between the guitar and amp. I don't want to record with it or anything. If not, what other similar products are there (or other products like it that you would recommend instead of it within that $200 price range).
You can. Just plug in your guitar in the input and a guitar cable from the left output (mono the right is stereo) to your amp. Pod 2.0 comes with a very thorough manual so I don't think you'll have any problems using it although I'd maybe advice you to go for the XT since I've heard it's even better and it's not really that much more expensive.
You can get a used XT for that much. It would be a better buy.
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k thanks...but i already bought a used 2.0 for $100
trying to save money for something i kinda need a lot more which is a new guitar

one more thing...do i need an amp for this or can i just run it through a cab? (and make it sound half way decent)
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