(It has absolutely nothing to do with emo music, culture, or anything. emo=short for emotional.)

I think it's amazing. It's helped me with a ton of things, and I thought a lot of people on here could use it too.

Basically, it's a cure-all procedure that offers instant results in most cases. Some things, like super-serious things, take multiple sessions.

You have to tap certain spots of your body and say certain phrases, and somehow it works...It's related to accupuncture, using the same points of the body used in accupuncture.

Download or view the free manual for instructions. There's an amazing video on the front page showing what can be done through the tapping.

What do you guys think?

(btw, I'm not affiliated with this at all and I'm not advertising. It's free )
Quote by Consort BV
So.. you tap your forehead and say to yourself "I'm the freaking man" ..

right? wrong?

lol, very wrong. It's not just for emotional crap, it's worked on diabetes and MS and can make people quit smoking, improve vision and a lot more.