What teqniques(dont know if i spelled that right) are included in shredding?
I know theres legato, speed pickings, sweep picking, two hand tapping, etc.
Can you give me some good examples of shredding?

Oh is there also chromatics?
ur right so far.

then theres phrasing (look up gilbert and vai) and 8 finger tapping. just get the first techniques down then worry bout the rest
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good examples would be
In the name of god - Dream theater (that song is a shred fest when it kicks in)
All the united abominations album
Yngwie malmsteen - far beyond the sun

the list is endless
string skipping , tremolo picking
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The basis of all 'shred' is a great alternate picking technique. Sure, there are economy pickers out there, but they are somewhat rare. After that comes legato, string-skipping, sweep picking, tapping, etc. But the most important technique is alternate picking.
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Define Shredding.

That's what he's asking...
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That's what he's asking...

Sometimes a question is the best answer, and that is the best answer.

Everyone has their own idea of shred, for some it's blinding speed, for some it's amazing control, for some it's insane picking, everyone's idea is a little different.

Until you define what shred is, you can't say what techniques are involved.
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