I know Keef plays in G most of the time,but does he on sympathy for the devil?Also,how does he get the tone on the solo? I figured id try the treble pickup and pinching every note,but that didnt get me anywhere.
I dont want his tone,just wondered how he got it...
its keith lol

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Keith Richards of Rolling Stones
Gain - 4.5
Treble - 4.5
Mid - 6.5
Bass - 5.5
Reverb - 1.5

There's his settings from the 'Ultimate Settings Thread', and he's in standard tuning for this, I believe.

If that helps.
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ehhh,I dont know,his tone on that one song for that one solo sounds different than brown sugar and others.
I got pretty close I have a vox ad50vt and i used the Uk modern setting with the bass and middle to zero treble all the way up then I took the auto wah setting turned the sensitivity all the way down so it wouldn't move on it's own without hitting it hard and then set it to rock from treble to bass when operated so just take my eq settings get a wah pedal rock it all the way forward leave it there switch to treble pick up and pick it really hard or pinch as you put it which is actually a good way to put it just don't hit pinch harmonics but that worked for me.
- Telecaster with an extra hot pickup in the bridge
- Strings should be .09s
- Medium-high action
- Full mid presence, almost full treble, maybe roll off bass a little depending on the size of the room you're playing in.
- Just use natural amp overdrive from the pickup running the amp hot, don't use pedals or preamp gain.
- Use a thick pick and really dig into the strings.

Job done. It's really very basic. The key is to not expect 'strange' stuff. When people hear a tone they really like, they often make the mistake of assuming there's some special trick to getting it, so they start taking out all the mids or adding tons of effects or something. In reality, most of the best and most popular tones come simply from keeping everything at their default values, and plugging the stock guitar straight into a good amp and just cranking it.
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I think that the tone for the solo on that song is aided by a fuzz box. Keef was renowned for using a Maestro fuzz at various points, so maybe it's that? Good luck finding one of those though. You might be better off looking at other options. I think that BYOC do a copy of the Maestro Fuzz maybe?

Oh, and yes it is Keith if you're not good friends with the guy. The rest of us call him Keef and in exchange, he gives us pastry goods.
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One of the things about t Rolling Stones is that they all aure just always way out of tune. My guitar teacher said they probably tuned tlo some old out of tune piano. It makes sense though. They are never in perfect tune.