Ok, I get what a compression pedal does (sort of lol)... It balances everything so all your notes are the same volume. It just seems sort of useless to me though. Do most famous guitarist use compression pedals. Should I invest in one? Where does a compression pedal shine? What do you use it for? Thanks all! (oh btw, I play death/thrash metal like Death, Metallica, Megadeth, Celtic Frost, Morbid Angel, etc. if it matters)
I use one all the time. My favorite one is the black Maxon one with two knobs followed by the old Boss model with three knobs.

I don't play with much gain, so I use it to hit the front of my amp a little harder
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Where does a compression pedal shine?

I believe it is used a lot in funk music.
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Compressors pretty much just tighten up your sound. It's more noticable with cleaner signals, because distortion effects themselves compress the f*ck out of the guitar.

Martin Barre used to use a compressor as a solo boost.
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I use one all the time. My favorite one is the black Maxon one with two knobs

That's the one I have Maxon CP101. I love it a lot; very transparent.

I use mine when I'm hybrid picking or finger picking.
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Compressors don't get much use in death metal. They're more common in shred, hair metal, funk, and prog, were you're looking for a really tight, sort of processed kind of sound. They're used on a lot of clean tones, as well.

But yeah, if you don't think you need one then you definitely don't need one.
I don't use one much, mainly because I use an overdriven crunchy sorta blues tone. I used to use one quite a bit, but it brought out my drone notes more, and i didnae want that.

For some reason.
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i read some reviews at harmony central and people that used it with humbuckers really didnt get a good sound with it, kinda the reason im not going to get one but if u have a single coil guitar and if u can try one out at a local GC go for it, then that way u will know if u need one or not.
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Not to mention they're very useful for backing tracks. You don't want a sudden increase in volume because you hit the strings harder than last time.
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