So. I haven't had my guitar for three days because I had it taken apart, attempting to prepare for a pickup change. When I came to the conclusion that I can't do it myself, I turned it into the shop this morning, and now I have another few days without it.

Anyone else ever have problems when away from your guitar for an extended period of time?
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Well, my callouses sort of go away and when I get it back it feels like a completely different guitar!

But that's for like when I go on holiday!
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Yeah i droped my guitar huge ass crack in it took the shop 3 weeks to repair it, im supized i coped good old acoustic didn't let me down, when i got it back i didn't stop playing it for almost 6 hours my fingures hurt but it was worth it.
Its an excuse to buy another one so you can "keep your skills honed" whilst your others in the shop!

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