im looking for a song. doesn't matter what genre, just not classical or something .. well stupid haha. but it has to be ALL guitar and a nice sounding solo. (not Joe Satriani or Steve Vai i can play like all of their stuff.) i'm looking for atleast one that's nice and melodic and one that's nice and metal
how about gary moore?
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your answer is Paul Gilbert

Indeed, try the song

I Wouldn't Tell A Lie

by him off his new album.
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edit:actually is racer x but yeah...paul gilbert racer x whatever.
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Glasgow Kiss - John Petrucci

or Canon Rock?

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Buckethead - Soothsayer


hell yeah!

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Buckethead - Soothsayer


but kind of easy. for a bit harder but still melodic, try Eric Johnson. I recommend Cliffs of Dover or Columbia.
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