"Need help with making a pedal" is a big understatement here. I need a comprehensive guide that tells me the equipment/parts I need, where they go, they're importance, etc. And before you start with the "Do it yourself!" or things like that, I want you to know that I've been to several sites, and none offer what I need. And I've also checked several forums, including this one, so help is appreciated
Now, to the type of pedal I want to make: I just want to make a simple, easy to make, inexpensive, and durable distortion pedal. Don't want anything extra just the bare essentials.
i did this for a tech project you need:

specialist: two 1/4 inch jack sockets
one foot DPDT switch
one 741 op-amp IC chip

and just a load of resistors an LED two diodes and some strip board/perfboard

thats about it and you'll want two batter snaps (split rail supply using two 9Vs my teacher said would be easier i dunno) and a POT for adjusting it PM for circuit instructions it'd be easiest to email them but i can understand if no email to sum1 you dont know

EDIT: i might just send you my tech projects slide show lol u'll have to wade through some A*bollox about surveys ahahaha