Towards the end of the season, they keep saying that if they were to call back the troops and not attack the middle eastern countries, then it would cost the lives of tens of thousands of American troops...How exactly would it?
Funny words.
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Attacks on the US?
I dunno, 24 is horribly written.

you mean your brain capicity overloads when your trying to figure out how a dvd player works
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Once again...it's the NME, they're notorious for being dumbasses. I know that, and I live in Texas for Christ's sake!

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Attacks on the US?
I dunno, 24 is horribly written.

24 is amazingly written. You just gotta think about some stuff.
been about a year since I watched it, but I think its actually "if we don't attack now, and wait for Jack to do his stuff we'll lose the element of suprise and they'll redeploy stuff so not as much gets destroyed by airstrikes" which of course = more dead marines
^^ they always have either an airplane or a helicopter

there could be a whole new wave of Chuck Norris jokes , but instead of Chuck Norris it would be Jack Bauer.
Tbh, I think the second season was pretty shite, the worst one. I stopped watching after the fourth season, or fifth season I can't remember, they all sort of blur together. Don't know if the later seasons are better/worse, but definitely the second one was pretty bad.
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Isn't it done in real time? what if they have to go on some really long drive with nothing to do?

The action isn't just happening in one place. So if someone is driving for half an episode, they'll focus on another part of the story.
the reason they were sayin that is cos it would start WW3 and loads of peeps would die.

Season 5 rocked.

But the best quote was in Series 3.

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