Hey guys,
i've got a Epiphone Les Paul Standard in black with original hardcase for trade.
Looking for something like an Ibanez/Jackson/LTD or even something of the same value, would prefer it to be a String through/Fixed bridge or ZR tremolo, so i can switch tunings

Let me know what you have!
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Hey, I dont know if this would interest you but i've got a gould doublecut that's quite ibanezy. Tune-o-matic with string-thru body, 24 fret. It's quite a cheap one, only £120 but if it's just something you can mess around with tunings with. Does play great though and look's amazing. Here's the pics, It's the purple one (obv) Doesnt have emg's in it though, has simmilar looking pickups in.


If you wanted to trade for that and some cash let me know.