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-- Beautiful --

Like a phoenix bleeding the stars right off the sky
let’s make this red portrait last in our minds.
Let’s draw our love from the clouds
and frame the rain with a kiss to the world.
We can revolve the sun to a smiley face
and wear it on our hearts under our red dress.
This is the best day of our life
let’s not make it get lost with time.

A tale of our love is like a Legacy of an Evergreen.

If happiness had a name it would be called ‘now’;
the like a voice from an angel
singing the moments to our ears.
The wing of the note forever found a home,
like a quote from the poet nevermore in our hearts


Send me LED messages in Morse code.
I want to hear you across the galaxies.

You left for another planet,
in a rocket full of smokey exhalations
and mind-numbing conversations.

After all I want you to know is:

.. .-.. --- ...- . -.-- --- ..-

but, light doesn't travel too fast
through hazy nights.