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"Vinyl Inlay Decal" = Sticker.

Right on.

Why do you want to put different things on your fretboard anyway? You shouldn't be worried about how your guitar looks, but how it sounds and how you sound. Don't buy the sticker.
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I understand its asticker, but I have a dot, and these sticker will make my dots look better.

No, they won't. They will make it look like a piece of s**t. Why would you put sharpie on your dots and put a sticker on there. WHen you do bends they would get in the way, and if you did a vicious bend they will probably just peel off with the direction of your bend.
Do NOT look behind you.
listen to c_man on this mate,

dont get the stickers....

...or do, and never tell us that they ****ed up because you would be too embaressed to admit that he was right...

...or do w/e i reali dont care

You would pretty much be throwing 19 bucks away. Vinyl stickers just aint going to last long on a fret board. Vinyl fret board stickers are about the same as plastic spinner hubcaps. At first glance hey those look good who did your inlay work, until a little closer inspection and they ask what gumball machine they came from.
ive used those types of vinyl inlays for years, they really last a while about 6 months to a year , and amazingly they dont effect playability "that much", only if you are doing alot of pinch harmonics on the 12th fret (depending on which inlays you get) and they do not peel off when doing massive bends,

also on ebay , i have used the jokomo inlays they are almost as good as the creative cuts vinyl inlays, though after 4 months the top layer starts to peel but they are about half the price at like $7.99 usd

ive used the creative cutz, danzig skulls, evil skulls, and about 3 other different types on my guitars, and im about to get a set of the dracula inlays for my newest guitar. they are worth the $18.99 usd
I've had 2 different sets on my Explorer. Here is a pic of the first set.

I decided I wanted something different/original. The snakes on an Explorer were a little too James Hetfield. So I ordered this set.

The first set came off without leaving any sticky residue. The second set has been on it for over a year and they still look great. They don't look worn and have not started peeling or anything. These are Vinyl and are alot better than paper stickers. I would never put paper stickers on a guitar.
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So, you guys are saying to stay away from them?

Well I guess thats that, unless someone states otherwise.

Thanks for your words.

they stay on there for quite a while i have heard....im getting some because dot inlays suck