Poll: Have you spent more time today on UG then playing your instrument?
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View poll results: Have you spent more time today on UG then playing your instrument?
Today I've spent more time on UG
105 65%
Today I've spent more time playing my instrument
57 35%
Voters: 162.
This is just out of curiousity.
Have you spent more time TODAY on UG then you have spent playing your instrument? Please vote in the poll.
whenever im on UG i have my bass in hand so Both.
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Playing what instrument?

Are we talkin guitar here? or is this more fap-oriented?

Any instrument. I left it open ended so it could include bassists, drummers, flutists, whatever. And no, it's not related to masturbating like every other damn thread
Lately yea, because I've been taking a break from playing. Usually no, playing guitar is mainly what I do, just whilst watching TV etc etc

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For the past 2 days ive been on the net (Pit and R&R forms) way more than Ive spent time playing my instruments. I feel like crap, (getting over a cold) and so I just lay in bed on the laptop.

I have to get back to work tomorrow though as I have a few videos that must get out.
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Playing what instrument?

Are we talkin guitar here? or is this more fap-oriented?

You like it
today i've been really tired and i decided to relax listening to dream theater and spend some time on UG. besides i like playing my guitar at night instead of daylight. i don't know why.
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i spend more time on UG than playing my guitar
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yeah, ug, not gonna lie.

i havent played ANY of my instruments much recently, and I have no excuse.

Yeah. The rumors are true. I'm a twat.
Yeah. I hardly play my bass anymore because I'm not in a band and I dont really care about getting megapopslaptaprapskillz.
more time on ug since i havent played guitar today
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I need to practice more, but I find more time for THe Pit somehow.

That's cool, I normally play late at night when I can get some privacy...
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Hell yeah. I'm sort of at a standstill in my guitar playing, so instead of playing myself to death by boredom, I'm on here, receiving handfuls of lols every day.
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I barely play my instruments anymore, so I spend more time on UG.
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I come on UG when eye CANT play my guitar (eg. Im at work right now, antisocialin it up )
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I go on UG when I can't play guitar. I'm on vacation and don't have one, so yes, I will be on UG more than playing my guitar. Otherwise, I'm hardly ever on UG anymore.
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Usually I would say yes, but for the past 2 months, I've been working at guitar A LOT. So I'm happy.
What do you mean do I spend more time in the pit then practicing? pftt....

okay you got me, I haven't played for a few days now...
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Wauw. I'm amazed. Everyone seems to have this attitude that practice=work, internet=fun.

I play my guitar for fun.
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Wauw. I'm amazed. Everyone seems to have this attitude that practice=work, internet=fun.

I play my guitar for fun.

Welcome to teh pit where interwebz are epic fun. I guarantee if you ask this in any other for it would be the other way around.
Normally, more time on UG, although it depends on how much access to the internet I get - if my dad is working from home in the evening, I'll go to the guitar.
Atm, the internet is my contact with the world, guitar is to relax. Problem is, I took all the strings off, and I can't be bothered to put new ones on yet :P
And the Pit brings the lulz - the guitar is just pure awesome, but no lulz.
I only come on UG to let my hands rest, I have just played for 10 hours
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The power was out today, so I was on my acoustic guitar and reading, so for today, it goes to my instrument.
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Yeah I can't play for more than an hour. I just get bored. Music is just a hobby for me anyway.
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