Hey, just recorded a new improvisation over a guthrie govan backing track, it's nice and passionate backing track, forgot to cut off his voice at the end hahaha, anyways here it is. Crit me about anything, i won't take anything in a bad way.

name : Guth BT improv

awesome. Great tone too.
Now if there's any way someone can take that in a bad way, I'd be impressed
Now officially has too much gear to list

PM me if you want to know about my recording setup
^Thanks JordantheAxe, yeh my guitar tone is all from my Boss gt-6, i was pretty happy with the tone (on that recording haha).

cerveza : Well i'm talking about my phrasing and stuff like that:P not like the simple **** like : oh well you're not playing the pentatonic mode style playing! so thats good! I'm talking about dynamics , phrasing, mostly phrasing.
Thanks guys for the crits!!!