k. about 4 months ago my knee was in major pain, so i went to the local campus doctor. (i was in college). she gave me some asprin and that was it.
well, 4 months later (right now), the pain has returned. i went to work this morning and they told me admit myself into the hospital. so i did, and again all they did was ask me a few questions about the pain, and they gave me a perscription for Advil 3's.
I can tell theres an underlying problem here, because now I can barely can walk using that knee. should i go back to the hospital or go to another medical place, such as a clinic and have my knee examined.
and i want this pain to go away, but at the same time, i need to be able to work, in order to make ends meet.
help, UG? (btw; i would normally ask my wife for advice like this, but shes gone somewhere in northern ontario)
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Go to the hospital again and exaggerated a bit and make them refer you to a specialist.


good boy.
actually, for the time being, take tylenol and rub icy hot-.... DON'T TRY TO TRICK ME!
Go to the hospital and tell them that you're a sprinter and need a healthy knee to go to Beijing.
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Get some icyhot or deepheat or whatever you guys have in Canada.

Take the medicine, and a hot bath and get some rest. If it's still the same tomorrow then consult a doctor/physician again.

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I have some major knee pains myself, usually I'm waking up in the middle of the night with this pain just shredding me to pieces.
The X-rays won't show anything, this is a muscular pain between the knee bones.. You need to do a Magnetic Tomography to figure out the source which cost a lot of money and is the most horrible exam I've ever gone through..

Since your pain persists even after several months you need to go and get yourself examined, luckily it'll be just salts and stuff..

Cheers buddy
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Yeah, I had a problem with my shoulder and the first time I saw a doctor, they just gave me some muscle relaxers and sent me on my way.

A month or two later, it was still not right. I went back and exaggerated the pain, saying it kept me awake at night and things of that nature.

I got an X-ray, and MRI, and lo and behold, I had a torn labrum.

Moral of the story is, make it sound worse than it really is, and you'll probably get it fixed.
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i got osgood schlatters and cartilage buildup. and i worked 10 hours today on my feet all day. ill be up till 1 am with the pain.
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i had something similiar to that , some days it was fine some days it was worse , then at somepoint i wasn't even able to go to the next store and buy food , each morning the first moving of my leg hurted like HELL ...

well if it's the same problem , look on my profle and pictures , theres a picture of like 2-3 hours after my surgery on the knee (i was in no pain whatsoever on that picture ![just in case you're shocked ...]) , it's more or less fine now , still some pain in some situations (lots of stairs...hate...hatttteeeeeee...) but nothing major ... but some friends with the same operation also told me , the pain will never go away completly.

maybe it is the meniscus, my doc said it's a common problem...
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