Ok, I have a question for you guys.

Does a nut affect the tone of a bass? Also which type is best to replace one with? Im looking for a bright sound, if it does affect the tone.

The reason I posted in this forum, How do you remove a nut? How is it put on, just a super glue?

I don't think it affects the tone, but tuning's the main thing. My dad snapped the original plastic one on his Fender a couple of years ago, and the guy who replaced it recommended a graphite nut so the strings glide better, allowing for more accurate tuning. Also the lack of grinding the strings through the nut makes the strings last longer, so I suppose ultimately it can affect your tone in that the strings don't die so quickly.

As for removing it, not a clue. Some are tension held, I think, so there's no gluing involved when you fit one.
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They, do indeed affect the tone of a guitar. Dunno about bass, 'cause basses all sound the same to me. It's especially noticeable on acoustics. For a brighter sound, you'd want something dense. Graphite is great for tuning stability. Bone has great tone, but is inconsistent. TusQ has the great tone of bone with the tuning stability of graphite, and since it's man-made it's alot more consistent than bone. Brass has bright tone, I believe.

As for fitting/removing: some nuts aren't held on with anything more than string tension. Others can be glued in pretty tight. If you have something round with a flat tip (like a punch) tap it with a hammer and that should get the nut out. Almost all nuts require final shaping before fitting, so it's a trial-and-and-error process of finding the perfect slot depth and nut height.

Don't use super-glue to hold the nut on; it'll make any future repairs that much more difficult. Instead, use wood glue.
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