i never use them cuz its not my style, but i do know (from personal experience, so it might not be the same for everyone else) that the higher the action, the better.
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I see my guitar as a chick because I'd be damned if i were ever holding / fingering a guy for hours a day.

i have one and even though i suck with it, it is fun as hell to use. i do know that you need a very high action(like a les paul/sg with high actions not a jackson or something like that) and that you need to tune you guitar for it(the tab will most likely tell you what tuning) and that you have to play over the metal frets
Mute behind the slide.

Adopt the slide-fingerstyle that involves muting the strings you aren't playing with your right hand.
an sg is good for slide. as long as dont use guitars that have actions that practically touch the fretboard your good