I'm curious. Can anybody here play Victor Wooten's arrangement of "Norwegian Wood" (or at least part of it)? I've been trying to play it for ours and I hardly even have the beginning of it down. It seems to me that he gets a slap tone simply from tapping, unless I'm missing something entirely.

Anyway, I'm just curious to see if anyone else has tried to conquer this song. Maybe it's easier for some of you.

Also, does anybody know how to play a Bb harmonic? I can get it with the 6th fret of my C string but it's an octave too high for the song.
No, but in my school concert a few days back a Sixth Former played it perfectly
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Some of the harmonics aren't directly above the frets, instead they're somewhere between.
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i am working on it

it is a tough one but as my former music instructor says slow it down immensly and it will come in time i am working on the arpeggio introduction and so far so good