Ok I think that this is the right place to post this if not .... o well. Anyway im 14 about to go into freshmen year at high school and I want to get a band together. First of all do any of you guys have any tips on getting a band together? I've only been playing for about 2 years so like is there a way i wont get some other guitarist who looks down on me becouse he has been playing for like 12 years? I am great friends with a drummer though and he is pretty willing to play with me. If i was to get a band together where would we be able to play at only 14 or a little older? (I live in the suburbs of Detroit if you want specifics) Any suggestions?
I'd do me........

Ask around if anyone plays instruments if you take a music theory class or some sort of music class someone must play guitar, bass, piano, drums etc. And it doesnt really matter how old they are as long as their good why not have them in a band.
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Make sure you get to know the person before you "hire" them. Don't just just to giving someone the job because they can play well. A band needs everyone to be equals. If you "hire" someone to fast without knowing their personality, chances are you're going to get a douche bag that happens to be a control freak. After that gets out and he starts to take over, bandmates may not like his ideals, thus ending the band. That's not good.

Make sure you find out about them. Get some people that know him/her really well (friends, classmates, parents, etc..) and get some info on their past. If you want a good band, you're all going to have to get along, don't let your intentions for a really good band to be brought down by the amazing guitarist that you thought would make the band.
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Tool, anyone?
Alter Bridge, maybe?
A bit of John Mayer?
Some beethoven sounds delightful, as well.
im sure between the two of you guys, you knwo some more musicians at your level. and if you know some experinced ones, they know some other ppl lol. find a garage among you, willing parents, maybe play at your shcool shows. bands are fun but the thing is you have to actually like each other. lol
well there is this dude i know that plays bass but hes kinda a douche bag but i can deal with that and my friend the drummer likes him and i know how hard it is to find a bassist do i go with him? and i know another guitarist but i think he is into another kind of music but hes really kool and good should i get him or is the taste in music to big of a problem?
I'd do me........

Usually you'll want to play with people who are into the same genre as you are. Guitarists will always play better when they;re playing the music they like.
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