OK, I'm thinking about buying one of these. Which should I buy and why? I heard that the Zoom 9 is easily broken but has a much nicer tone. Is this true?
I'm mostly looking for a great effect processor with a great tone for my recordings.

Thanks in advance,
I can't tell you how different they are as I have no experience with either. Zoom stuff in general just seems to be unreliable, though their newer products look solid. It's up to you to decide which sounds better. On last-gen modellers (Pod Xt, Boss GT-8, Vox Tonelab, Digitech GNX4000) my favorite was the Boss as it had the widest range of effects, they were all useful, and it's sound seemed very real. The Vox however had the best "response" in terms of playing dynamics, and the tube added a nice texture to it. The POD was nice, but a bit hard to use and some of the models seemed fake. The Digitech was drowning in digital sounds, so I disliked it, but if digital doesn't bother you, go right ahead.

Now, most of the newer stuff is out that I haven't had chances to play with. So take all that with a grain of salt. How do you plan on recording? If you're going to mic your amp, it will rely on the amp for your tone. If you're going right into your PC, the processor plays a huge part in the sound, though in general prepare for it to sound a bit harsh.
I'm going straight though into the computer.
Of what I've heard, the Zoom sounds much better than anything else as cheap as it is. It's about 150 euros cheaper than the POD x3 which doesnt even come with any pedals or extra treats.

Thanks CJRocker!

Anyone with experience of the new generation?
On another forum I visit a fellow claims his Zoom 7 is built like a tank and is what he uses for gigging. And his X3 Live is just for home recording because he thinks it's not as reliable.

I recently picked up an X3 Live but haven't used it enough to comment on too much.
OK thanks.. then the Zoom 9 would be even better for recording with the 2 tubes. The X3 have none.

I think I'm going to get a Zoom 9 if noone has anything to say. =P
Quote by Braincheese
OK thanks.. then the Zoom 9 would be even better for recording with the 2 tubes. The X3 have none.

I think I'm going to get a Zoom 9 if noone has anything to say. =P

Also like you said before, you cant really use the X3 in a live scenario as you need the appopriate buttons and expression pedals. My friedn had an XT live and its decent, but he plays it through a Fender Frontman 2x12. What you can achieve from the modelling is limited by your guitar and amp.

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umm... yeah, i tried the x3 and the zoom 9...
The x3 has a lot of options which seem intimidating initially but once you get the hang of it , you'll be able to craft awesome tones...
the zoom g9.tt was good but not even close to the pod imo.
The tubes didn't really make much of a difference.
Plus, the pod has a fair bit more options about USB recording afaik..
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I just sat down with my new X3 Live last night and used the Gearbox software to tweak some tones. I'll have to say that I am impressed and I've owned a lot of multiFX units. The Gearbox software is the best means to tweak a unit that I've seen. The USB recordings I got were excellent quality. I'd have no problem recommending this unit for recording and it's sounds great through my Peavey C30.