I'm having trouble with my tremolo picking, I can do it pretty well on the high e and b string but have trouble with the rest. I often stall on the strings, like catch my pick on it. I'm thinking maybe trying different picks, if so which would be better, lighter picks to flow over the strings, or heavier ones to push the string? Also if this is in the wrong section sorry but I didn't know exactly where to put it.
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Try standard picks with the pointy edge already worn, like rounded, the dunlop ultex ones are made like that, and they're adorable from the first note they make squeal to the very last you'll want to make with it, very durable also.
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Heavier picks are good for shredding and will probably help you. Thinner picks are good for chords but you should really practice with alternate picking slower then speed it up.
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It tends to vary with me. Sometimes I use:

Small Stubby's from 1mm to 3mm. These are good for getting random pinch harms I find.

Big Stubbys which have a depression in the middle on both sides, for your thumb and 1st finger to settle in. My tremolo picking is easiest with this one.

Fender Heavy's
jazzIII's are wonderful, have you tried them?, but yeah other than that just try thicker picks, and maybe hold them further down on the pick
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Chances are this is not a pick problem you should be able to do it with both. Practice slowly and increase tempo only when you can play clean. Also make sure your not using your forearm to pick use a loose/relaxed wrist motion that you are comfortable with. Dont grip the pick hard or tense up. This is more important than pick thickness. The key is to play slow first untill you get it down tension free and smooth before increasing tempo! If you do differently you will just reinforce bad technique. Hope this helps.

EDIT: I didnt mean the other tips were not good. Yes choking up on the pick helps. Also Try to not hit with the tip far below the surface level of the strings try to ust hit right at the level of the string so it doesnt catch. Also try not to perform any extra motion that is farther than neccisary. Keeping relaxed and loose and not rushing your progress is still the #1 thing to remember in my book.
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K, thank you all, especially Alice in Chains. I'd prefer to be able to fix it without buying new picks, since I'm comfortable with my current ones, so I'll try that first.
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Alice 0.96mm picks are good for me in shredding and tremolos.
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sounds like bad tecknique

your digging in to the strings like the the point of you pick should be just touching the string
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