any gut shots?
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Blue days black nights doowah doolang!
Sounds like your tone pot is wired worng (bad cap connection or wired to the jack?) and your volume pot is just dirty. Spray contact cleaner inside it and rotate the shaft a few times and blow it out.

Need gut shots, though (hopefully not blurry ones).
The gaps will depend on the make of pot - there are usually some where the contacts go into the body.

No I'm not SURE that it's the problem, but its a good and easy starter that's not going to cost anything!
where can i pick up contact cleaner? is WD-40 an example. oh an could the fact that i don't have cavity covers on the guitar be the reason that there is some excess hum. Is it normal that more hum is emitted when i put my hand on the strings?
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well there are two problems when the volume knob is low there isn't much static put there is some excess hum. when you turn the volume knob up you can't hear the hum because the static overpowers it. So I have two problems. I figure the hum is from the lack of cavity covers.
I KNOW that's the problem with the pot. The gap is where the lugs go into it. WD-40 may not work. I tried it before and it didn't really do much. Should be able to get contact cleaner at radio shack.

When you touch the strings, hum is supposed to dramatically lessen or cease (unless your pups just completely suck). That's probably a grounding issue.

Like I said, gut shots...