Hey People!
I'm using an boss GE-7 equalizer as a boost for now
but Im finding that it's not quite doing the job I like
Im using a fender deluxe tube amp
and I was thinking about going for a TS7 the ts7 is just like the ts9 but less sturdy and less noise

what do you think
should I go for the ts7?

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I have a TS-9, 808, and a TS-7. The TS-808 has the best vintage, the 9 has the best boost, and the 7 has a nice mix between vintage, boost, and overdrive.

I'm not quite sure where you thought running an EQ pedal would suffice for an overdrive pedal, but, get a TS-7 if you think it's what your looking for. I don't know what exactly you play, but I find that both pedals fit about every genre pretty well.
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Uh...go TS-9. If you want a boost, then use that. It's better than the TS-7, in my opinion. I've used both and liked the TS-9 more.
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i just got a ts9 this weekend. idk what exactly your needs are but I play blues/rock/classicrock and it fits my style perfectly. Possibly the most i've ever liked a pedal out of the box. I've been playing for about 5years and have a MIM strat and Fender Hot Rod Deville212. that +ts9 = pretty damn good for a $100 pedal
it really depends on what you want from the pedal. if you want the pedal to be a straight up volume boost where you can tweak frequencies, the eq is good. you can push the level and boost the mids and high-highs for a nice soloing sound.

however, an eq pedal will not add any extra dirt on its own. the ts-whatever will add dirt, but wont let you tweak frequencies as much. tubescreamers are also known for a characteristic mid boost. you can get that with an eq as well. so unless you really think you want a pedal that is going to add more of its own dirt, id mess with the eq more. that said, i prefer od pedals for my boost because i like the extra grit they have.