one of my first attemps at writing lyrics so go easy on me...


the bringer of death
falls from the sky
the all clear sounds
youre wondering why
the worst is coming
you run and hide
the end of war
you must die...

frailty of life, its in my hand
my hand is felt all across the land
i clench my fist, without restrain
humanity collapsed, destruction remains

theres no surrender
from little boy one
my hellish wrath, has just begun
no regard... for the life i take
on with the fun
deaths just begun

the reaper of death, this is me
my hand is dealt, smoldering dead
i clenched my fist, to your dismay
humanity collapsed... destruction remains

collapse of humanity!!! (x4)

destroyer of worlds
the end of time
destroyer of worlds
fall of mankind...

destruction of life
only death remains
collapse of humanity
no one left but me
i am become death
the destroyer of worlds,
your life, and all of humanity
collapse of humanity....
I understand that this is your first piece so I'll try to be polite and helpful, and I hope I come off as such.

This piece, overall, did not appeal to me. It is very unemotional and rather generic. Things like "the reaper of death," "destroyer of worlds"... they're so overdone by crappy metal bands that only put lyrics in so people don't consider them an instrumental band.

Just my take on it.
for fans of...

Motion City Soundtrack, Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eat World, Transit, Brand New, Dashboard Confessional, Early November, Fall Out Boy, Jawbreaker, Polar Bear Club, The Story So Far, the Wonder Years, Something Corporate.