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Mine is on the 23rd of January.
I might make a list of peoples b'days and we'll see if any UGers share birthdays

timo1-January 23
KOL40-January 21
Gunpowder-January 31
Lemoninfluence-January 12
Ugly Bassist-January 25
original=punk-January 26
DarkEra97-January 16

Caustic-Febuary 23rd
Aleene,Arsonite-6 Feb

Blair30-March 30
blue strat-March 6
JeanMi36-March 27
Jack Off Jill-March 16
slaveofsatan-march 11
MetalHead 324-March 24

BostonLP,Aig91-April 15
jeremessmore-April 22
I-Watch Anime-April 21
stc423-April 23

Just Andrew, ironmaiden91-May 20
katenotreally-May 17
Oblivion_rps_May 27
blibktbs-May 2

dudester410-June 21
Idl67, FLyerfan834 -June 30
dartmaster-June 11
metallica fan 21-June 11

xrawrockkillsx-July 28
waterproofpie- 23 July
IzRG350, Flying Couch-July 26
gts86-July 27
paranoidetes-July 13
The Paranoia-July 20

Fusanti_RHCP-August 24
Fromotion8389-August 3
bequickorbedead-August 22
MRavioli-August 31
rock_metal_fan-August 15
VivaLaJam-August 9
silhouettica-August 7

Dirt_Bag_Boy-23 September
MidnightSonata-September 16

ciwwaf_rulz-October 18
justin129-October 3
Phantom Gravity-October 25
Sloppyjoe24-October 9
the strikes-October 19

Gopherthegreat, cm punk fan-November 18
TooFast-November 14
Td_nights-17 November

AllucardZero-December 11
wtbskill91-December 19
xFeatherx-Dec 16
Spay, newbie08-December 8
Xj2252bX-December 10
Baa I'm a Sheep-December 23
oyvindree-December 27

Aleene,Arsonite-Feb 6
BostonLP,Aig91-April 15
Just Andrew, ironmaiden91-May 20
Idl67, FLyerfan834 -June 30
IzRG350, Flying Couch-July 26
Gopherthegreat, cm punk fan-November 18
Spay, newbie08-December 8

EDIT:I'm not updating anymore there is another thread like this
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there are almost a million ugers of course some do.

Edit: beaten like a redheadded stepchild
We have over 900,000 users. I'm sure one or two share the same birthday

Mine's January 31.
Gunpowder: FUCKING ROCKS!!!
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[witty set-up]
Gunpowder FUCKING ROCKS!!!!!

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Gunpowder you fucking rock!!

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Now I can say, with sufficient certainly, that you, Gunpowder...


YEah.. December 11.
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There are 900,000 registered users and 365 days in most years. What do you think.

A large number of them are banned,inactive or don't browse the pit.
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A large number of them are banned,inactive or don't browse the pit.
OMG you're right...there's no way any two UGers share birthdays then
April 15
They credited us with the birth of that sort of heavy metal thing. Well, if that's the case, there should be an immediate abortion.

-Ginger Baker
Quote by timo1
A large number of them are banned,inactive or don't browse the pit.

there's currently over 2000 people online. do the maths.

12th Jan
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Yeah. people, like Lemoninfluence, are hypocrites and should have all their opinions invalidated from here on out.
Simple probabllilty will tell you yes. If i remember correctly then it is something like every 1 in 50 people share a b-day. And since there are several THOUSAND members... We learned this on like the first day of Algebra II.

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Mine is on the 23rd of January.
I might make a list of peoples b'days and we'll see if any UGers share birthdays

Alternatively, that's my lil sis b-day!!!

Mine is the 21st!!! (Jan)

My moms is the 24th!!! (Jan)

My cuz's the 12th!!! (Jan)

In short, Jan pwns!!!

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boredom is a terrible thing. sep 23rd.
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"in the grand scheme of things, nobody cares"

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Yes. Over 9000 of us do.
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That was a different Feb08er that threatened to suck you off
I remember that

Sadly, I was the threatened.
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Let it be known that I concur with everything this gentleman says, ever.
june 21ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Quote by timo1
Mine is on the 23rd of January.
I might make a list of peoples b'days and we'll see if any UGers share birthdays

Seryaph-September 4
Gunpowder-January 31
AllucardZero-December 11
timo1-January 23

Mine's December 23rd
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july 27th, this sunday!

July 26th! 18 this Saturday
May 20th
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March 27th
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I wish I had a dick like a black guy instead of my little white dick.

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i love you more than words can express jean.

I saw Rick Astley in Quebec City, on April 10th 2009. Best day of my life!
i said my birthday in another thread and someone said we share the same birthday...

mines in a week! July 28! ill be expecting a thread

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February 23rd.
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I am in your tomorrow.

Happy Birthday .