My computer's acting a bit weird, all of the text on the computer is really big.
I've had this happen before, but i forgot how to fix it.

right click on desktop > properties > appearance > font size

on the website pages? if so just hold down ctrl key and move your mouse wheel back. of use the ctrl key and plus and minus keys in keypad
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if its just in your internet browser and you have a mouse with a scroll wheel. hold down on the ctrl button on you keyboard and scroll down. if its everything. the above got it
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hit F6 4 times. click my computer, then control panel, then self destruct. stand up and dance while marveling at the glory of your victory. that should fix it.
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actually it's alt+F4 to change the font back to normal

HAHAHAHA, do it. This man speaks truth
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if you fix it and after you restart your computer it happens a again you probably need to update something having to do with the graphics card, something similiar to this happened to me but it made my whole desktop icons and text bigger


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