I have a T-Mobile phone with the 400 txt plan for $5 well i was texting my friend a lot and today i realized i passed my 400 limit by like 30... i asked some friends and they said the company starts charging ****load if you go over the limit D: but idk, maybe they're just being dicks. well does anyone here know how much they charge per each text after the plan?
Not sure. My cell provider is 15 cents but I have unlimited. Check out their website?
i had a friend that went over, i dont know how much...and her bill was $600.
i had another friend that went over, and her's was in the thousands

none of my guy friends have these problems much, though
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usually around 10 cents per message
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depends on the plan, but it can be like $1 per message over the limit, that's how they make a lot of their money.
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verizon is 20 cents. but my limit is 250 and last time i went to 920, but the bill only went up 4 dollars haha so it depents on the company
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