Poll: Best Metallica Bassist?
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Cliff Burton
22 85%
Jason Newsted
0 0%
Robert Trujillo
4 15%
Voters: 26.
Cliff Burton. Most people will say that, including me, and get a poll.
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Cliff. hands down.
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it would be better to ask who people think is worst, thats more negotiable lol
cliff is the best...and i would say newsted was the worst. mind u, we'll see if my opinion changes after this next album...rob seems more skilled IMO, for now
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cliff burton easily...he's the only good thing metallicas ever had besides dave mustaine.
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Cliff by far, not to bring Robert down though cause he really is good, but those shoes can't be filled.

Jason sucked ass in Metallica though, I like him better in Flotsam and Jetsam
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Cliff Burton by far. Jason had good stage presence, but wasn't nearly as good as Cliff.
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I personally don't think that Cliff was that good. Pulling Teeth is the most boring instrumental i've ever heard. Just sounds like random noodling. He didn't stand out on many other songs either.

The new guy seems pretty good though.
As a bassist i think cliff is way overrated, people practically jerk off to him when you have amazing metal players like John Myung, Alex Webster, and Stefan Fimmers which would crush Burton... And not to mention all the amazing jazz and funk bassists like Wooten and Miller. He was a good bassist no doubt but not the best to ever live which he is hyped up to be. He made Metallica not suck as you can see by the descending quality in there music from each album after Cliff died. I think even Trujillo and Burton are about the same in skill but Trujillo has more diversity and is a terrific slap bassist.
Referring to Victor Wooten
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