My drummer and I are looking for some new band members. Our current band is in the process of dissolving, and we're looking to fill the gaps. Heres the DL:

Who: We're looking for another guitarist, bassist, singer (or combination)

Where: London, Ontario, Canada

What: Hard Rock/Alternative (with a little metal influence)

When: At least one group practice night/session per week with occasional gigs

Other Details:
From our previous band, we already have a set of 9 originals and a handful of covers. We're intersted in continuing to write original music and anyone with their own originals is more than welcome. My drummer and I are 23 and 21, and are primarily interested in somebody in the same age group, but it's not mandatory.

Our old band was togeather for about 3 years, and we had a handful of shows under our belt, so we've got some experience giging. Most of our shows have been around the UWO campus (we're upper years students if you havent guessed yet) and we're looking to branch out from campus.

Anyone interested should PM or email me
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