i have been always trying to make a routine for guitar that would help me keep my practicing structured. but i could never fully get all the things i needed and wanted to learn and practice in to it , plus i could never stick to it for to long. all i want to know is maybe some kind of guide or help to get me thinking to created a good routine for me to follow. the basic's , essentials, somthing to really just help me get my mind going to make sure i have eveything in it that i would need.
I play scales and arpeggios in every key before every time I practice. Then I play 'Fuel' (it makes a great warm-up song) and then I go off into my daily practice for another hour or 2 which is basically playing a bunch of different songs (covers and originals) or sometimes just jamming with a drum machine.
I start in C major and work my around the COF without stopping, it helps with modulation and general fretboard knowledge as well as how notes in neighboring keys relate to the one you are playing in. I do it for about an hour a day.
Write out all your goals, and all the things that you want to improve. Then go from there. A routine is personal, there is really no universal routine that will get you where you want, unless you're a beginner.

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so you want to make your music life more structured?

get a piece of paper and a pen and write down every thing you suck at. if you cant think of anything, get a recorder of some sort and record yourself doing everything you know. Listen to yourself and ask your self this question: is this how i want my self to sound like for the rest of my life?
I'd agree with what you are already doing and what others have said, figure out everything you want to improve on.

Then catagorise what you've come up with, something like.

Good to know.
Something i would like to be able to do.

Make sure everytime you sit down for a practise session you cover all the "important" things you wrote down a few of the "good to know" things and one of the "Something i would like to be able to do".

Try and set up rewards for yourself to keep you interested and keen.


Say you find Theroy rather boring set yourself a goal for what you would like to be able to know like all the open chords or a certain scale ect ect, if you complete it then reward yourself by doing something you enjoy, like jaming or song writting ect ect just remember not to get side tracked and spend ages doing that instead.

But all in all just enjoy what your doing thats the only real way to keep 100% motivated.
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