i've been bored so ive decided to do some mods to my fernandes dragonfly guitar.
the thing is i dont really know what to do. the only thing that i plan of at the moment is new picksups, (EMG's) or some others if you want to suggest some. this guitar is mainly used in drop tunings, to play metal of all types. i also want to put in a killswitch, and i have thought about some red pinstipes but i dont think that would look to good. . i want to put an acoustic peizeo in it, but i cant find a bridge with one thats black to match the hardware. so does anyone else have any other ideas of what i can do to it. mine is also ALL BLACK and i like it so i'll prob keep it unless somene else can persuade me otherwise.. i jsut took this pic from google since ive lost my camera. sorry for the wall of text.

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