I work most of the day, I'm currently practicing electric what could I be doing when I'm not with my guitar, to better my ability?
When I was learning piano, I'd use piano workouts on tabletops and desks and my lap and whatnot. I found it helped with my guitar too, so I'd suggest that. By far the best thing you can do, though, is think about playing. There's been studies done that prove you're more likely to learn a song quicker and better if you think about playing it in your mind after you've learned some of it. The chances of remembering how to play it correctly increase greatly.
theres these things called 'Shred Necks' that, imo, look pretty retarded, but might be perfect for your situation
learn music theory.
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learn music theory.


Just run through the scales in your head. When I first started i had know idea how important theory was. Now I use it every time I play. I wish I had picked up on it when I first started.