Just wordering if any of you cats have had a chance to sample the new misery signals album yet. as far as im concerned they are probably the most original uplifting metalcore band, and their new album is a complete eargasm of breakdowns and complex rythyms.

anyone else love this band? does anyone thats heard all 3 of their albums think the older stuff is better?
I've heard some of it. It seems like it could possibly be better than Mirrors, but I'd have to listen to the whole CD to back such a bold statement.
I actually think "Of Malice.."is better than Mirrors.
Which still owns hard
Dont want any more Brit hating going here .
I will be picking this album up today. It's so good. I've overplayed it for myself though, I'm in that phase where I don't want to hear it again for like another month.

Malice will probably always be my favourite by Misery Signals just because you can't top some of those songs. Five Years, The Stinging Rain, that ****'s amazing. I would say Controller is their second best album with Mirrors coming in third (not that I don't like it though, because I love it).