Ok I just bought a Crate GX120 (used) from Guitar Center and the Level knob is going out and I cannot find anywhere that deals spare parts. Well I got 120 bucks to buy a new amp and I need like the best possible amp for that price.

Also I heard Tube amps are really good... I found a Peavy with "transtube technology" not sure what that is can anyone let me know what that is.

Also I found a 5watt pure tube amp and I was wondering if that is worth my time with such low wattage.

Also I only practice in my basement but I really like to jam loud and hear my pinch harmonics and stuff so please help.
Honestly, you may not have much luck finding a tube amp for $120, and Transtube is actually solid-state. But I'd say a couple great tube practice combos are the Peavey Classic 30 and one of the Traynor YCVs, probably a YCV20WR.
return it?
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Is the $120 budget including returning the Crate amp? Because that's the first thing you should do.

What kind of music do you play? Since you said 'pinch harmonics' im gonna guess you play a lot of metal. You're probably better off with a decent Solid State amp instead of a low end tube amp, since most low end tube amps don't handle high gain very well. Try looking at Roland Cubes and Vox Valvetronix XL series amps.
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The Epi Valve Junior+an EQ to raise the volume of higher freqs might be your answer. When it is completely loaded it can do high-gain **** easily. I love that amp. Basically, get a VJ and a Dano Fish n Chips

E: Oh yeah and return that Crate