I just got this killer deal on a Peavey 6505+ head and cab, not my first choice but for the price i figured why not.

Anyway to get to the point, I love the distortion/tone but would like the clean channel to be warmer and overall better. I play a pretty strange variety of music which ranges from punk/rock (heavy stuff) to classic rock/jam band type stuff with the occasional blues or jazz riff. Basically i like to mix it up, and this amp does not seem to agree with anything other then metal or the heavy stuff.

I have been reading up about this amp and several people/sources suggested replacing the tubes and adjusting the bias (to get it right they said i need to replace one of the resistors or the whole pot because the one it comes with is limited). Really not a big deal at all, But then again i can just sell it and get a different head.

I also read somewhere that the 6505/5150's were based on a Marshall head (not sure which one) so with some tweaking they can be made to sound pretty close. Is there any truth to this?

Does anybody know of somebody who has done this mod?

Any suggestions on which tubes to use?

Oh yeah and whats the deal with the bias test plugs on the back, those cant possibly do the job of a probe can they?

Any other input would be nice also...

it is true.
Fja mods have very good mods, i had my 6505+ upgraped by them, and they are very reliable, and not to mentain it sounds great.

but honestly, if you know how to EQ, the clean isnt really that bad at all.
if anything, get a good chorus...hellofalot cheaper too.
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Its not that the clean is bad, but it can be better...

Im actually looking to do the bias mod myself, its pretty simple i just need to switch out a resistor to get moor range out of the pot. Im looking for some schematics or maybe a picture so i can be sure which resistor to replace (im assuming its the one connected to the pot but im not sure, i didnt look under the hood to see what im workin with yet) FJ is charging $125 to do 10-20 minuts worth of work, kinda ridiculous.

Do you know where i can find the schematics?

Iv got a bias probe and all the tools i need to do basically anything, if i had the schematics in front of me right now then i would do it, right now....