nice acoustic tone, and catchy chord progression. Only thing I would say is maybe clearer vocals or maybe louder. It kind of sounded like you were trying to keep quiet when you were singing or something. Other than that i liked. Especially at the end with the acoustic lead
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Good improvisation on the chord rhythm, and the overall vocals were good. It is a bit weird though, since its supposed to be a male and female vocal part. GREAT acoustic tone though.

How do you mic that?

Also, C4C?
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i have a studio projects b1 condenser mic, i believe that's the model...and then just use a mackie onyx satellite interface with a mac on garageband.
I liked it, I liked the "solo" part there at the end. I do agree that you sound like you were trying to keep quiet when singing, so maybe turn down the input volume for the mic and sing a bit louder. Good tone overall. Nice cover for one of my favorite songs!

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