I just find the tone of this band incredible, and I want to be able to replicate it.

Thing is, I have no idea what gear they use.

Does anyone?

It's in the gear section of their website.
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Live they use TC Electronics preamps, Line 6 Vetta II heads, Ibanez and Nevborn 8 string guitars which are equipped with Lundgren Model 8 pickups (Occasionally they do use Ibanez 7 string guitars), and DigiTech delays.

In the studio they tend to use Marshall Valvestate and JCM800 heads and Mesa Dual Rectifiers with Line 6 POD pro effects.
now they have ibby 8 strings, a coule actually, the have 8 string icemans and oh they are f*cking beautiful, i want one, a seven string too, same finish as fredriks and martens
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I'll get back to you.
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my brother and i were talking about amps and i forgot what lead to it, but he said that meshuggah used line 6 pod's in the studio. so try ibanez + line 6 gear, that should get u in the ballpark. idk what pickups though

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