I saw Jason Mraz in Indy the other day and I was amazed by how he captivated me when and when he wasn't playing. He knows how to talk. That being said, I really want to keep my listener's attention at my next show. Is it better to just be comfortable with being myself and go with the flow or would you suggest being myself and also kind of rehearsing what I'm going to say between songs?
I'll say that it wouldn't hurt to be prepared or have an idea of what you're going to say. Better safe than sorry. But I wouldn't think of something word-for-word. Don't force yourself to say something when it would sound forced. Lol, this advice pretty much applies to my advice for improvising on other instruments too!

Maybe prepare a quip or two in case there are some hecklers There's a list somewhere on here...
For me personally I like giving people insight into how or why I wrote the song. As a music listener I always love learning that type of information so it's something I always do.
Having someone turd in your mouth.
Shoving a flower up your p**** as a romantic gesture.
Putting small rodents up your bum.
Finding Gordon Brown attractive.

Are some of the weird and wonderful (occasionaly not so wonderful) things we as humans get up to.

However having conversations with yourself out loud to practice talking in public is not.
I do it.... the talking out loud of course.
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