sand down the bridge? the bottom of it of course but that means that the lower frets will probably buzz (depends on how much you take off and the action up there already).

edit: i meant the plastic bar on the bridge...
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Most new guitars come with the action set too high for most player's taste. Why? Because the tone is better in the shop!

NEVER sand down the bridge [the bit with the bridge pins in it]. However, the saddle can be sanded down [the white bit that sits in the bridge groove] off the bottom of the saddle to suit a better action. Unless you regularly play above the 7th. fret, it's best to keep the action not too low.

Problems with high/low action is this: Everyone wants the tone of a high action with the 'feel' of a low action. Most players sacrifice a bit of tone for the advantages of a lower action.
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Yes, you can. Lowering the action is done by sanding down the saddle and possibly nut also.