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Can you suggest songs that would be good to play during church. The problem I'm having is finding a song/band I like. I don't really like the pop/worship style these religious bands/artists have. The music I like is Grunge-Rock-Britpop-Indie (Pearl Jam, Oasis, The Cure) music. So is there any bands you can suggest? Please no HARDCORE or METAL bands/songs.

Also it doesn't need to from "Christian Bands", you suggest bands who have songs that share church ideals
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Whats wrong with metal and hardcore?

Jesus is hardcore, after all.
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black by pearl jam?

something by creed?
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FM Static is a christian band I believe. Check them out.
for fans of...

Motion City Soundtrack, Get Up Kids, Jimmy Eat World, Transit, Brand New, Dashboard Confessional, Early November, Fall Out Boy, Jawbreaker, Polar Bear Club, The Story So Far, the Wonder Years, Something Corporate.
i knew raining blood was coming... and in all honesty try and listen to a band called building 429, that might be what your after
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but it was a bad idea to ask the pit this
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Totally awesome, I love you.

Have my children.

rock me sexy jesus from Hamlet 2

but and some friends played simple man by lynyrd skynyrd for church at school
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Just play some classic rock with lyrics about love or world peace, everyone will enjoy that.
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but it was a bad idea to ask the pit this

I'm gonna have to agree with you there...

Maybe one of the mellower Soundgarden song like Black Hole Sun or Fell On Black Days? Switchfoot would be a good choice, too.
Jars of Clay have some good songs, as well as Newsboys. If you go for Newsboys, either go with Breakfast or Something Beautiful. Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley is a good one, but I think the best song is My Sweet Lord - George Harrison. Have fun!
man....Spirit in the sky - norman greenbaum...classic!
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Heretic anthem by Slipknot. Srsly.


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Fuck Your God by Deicide perhaps?

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Number Of The Beast!!!!!

Seriously, great song.
Anything by Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth or maybe Slayer will work fine.
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Purple Rain - prince
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many casting crown songs are pretty good, not too popy...switchfoot...third know a pretty good song would be "Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Will Escape," by Underoath.
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Battery- metallica
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Whats wrong with metal and hardcore?

Jesus is hardcore, after all.

yeah hahahaha..the heretic anthem-slipknot lol
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Whats wrong with metal and hardcore?

Jesus is hardcore, after all.

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